I don't usually YELP, but when I do, I prefer to only YELP good things!!

I have been using this company for 25 years. They were formerly known as FOSE. I had left them several great reviews over the years, but now the page has a new name, FOSEC, and I guess this family business has been handed down, hence the Jr now in their name. All my previous reviews, and their previous page are gone forever.

Living where we do and having an abundance of foliage and trees, Fosec has always been the most reliable phone call I could make when I need them the most. The weather is so hardcore in So. Marin where we live, that I have had to use them in emergencies when trees have fallen in the worse storms imaginable, and they show up with a full crew, 24/7, anytime. They are so incredible. And they really know what they are doing. It's first nature to them. All the "other" companies tout all their PHD's, and certified this, certified that, yada yada yada. You're paying too much for their creds and they don't always mean a darn difference. This family doesn't want your business once and then retire from one job by paying through the nose for it. They want you for a life customer. I'm sure they have accounts for far more than my measly 25 years. Do you get that? Plus, their not some local yokel company that gets the job, sits on his fat ass and does nothing, and then runs out to find the cheapest labor he can find and make money off their backs and also get a lousy job done for you, the customer, because the people hired are the latino 3 stooges. And I love Latinos!!! I think in Spanish they are referred to as, los tres chiflados?

I have known this family owned business for two and a half decades, 25 years. I use them for maintenance and for large tree removal or cutting back. They have a large crew and have all the tools and expertise for cutting, trimming, removing, stump grinding and a chipper that they use to get rid of all the debris from the job.

I could go on and on and on. They are the best and I wouldn't even consider another company for this type of work. This work is in their blood and they are experts. I even had an 80 foot Birch fall on my neighbors garage in a storm and they came over in horrible conditions to cut it down delicately before the tree broke through the structure. Finding this incredible family and their great services was like finding a buried treasure of gold!!!

They came out today to do some preventative maintenance work. Lowering bamboo height. Cutting heavy branches that will fail if left alone. Cutting back a wall of roses. Cutting palm trees dead palm fronds. We've learned over the years that if you don't stay on top of giving your property a haircut, it will just be nuisance later and cost you more.

Ernesto, Saul, Alonzo, Erick and all of you great hardworking, honest men of high integrity, Thank You for not only today, but for 25 years of your great service. Fose/FOSEC Rocks!!!!

I SUPPOSE IT WOULD BE SAFE TO SAY I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM. I DO!!! Now stay thirsty my friends......
Highly recommend. I got someone out for a quote, scheduled an appointment and within a few days my tree was trimmed! They even cleaned up all my leaves from the ground. I was very pleased and will be using this company again!
— Aan
When a neighbor told us that one of our giant palm trees was swaying particularly bad in a rainstorm this past February, we knew it was time to make a decision. We called several tree service companies including this one. They were the first ones to arrive on the scene and assess the tree. They told us that the leaning palm tree was healthy, but that mother nature cannot be counted upon and they couldn't guarantee anything. We talked to a couple other tree service companies and decided on this one. We finally had the work done this past Friday where the tree company had to remove the giant leaning palm and clean off the other two giant palms. They gave us a very competitive price, they were on time, it was a job well done, it was very clean when we got home from work, and many of the neighbors commented on what a great job they did. Though I was sad to see one of the three of my giant palm trees gone, I know it was the right thing as safety comes first. The way the other two trees look is just perfect. They did an excellent job and I would highly recommend them! I will definitely be calling them in the future!
— Sandra P.
Great guys, great price, easy to work with and very professional! I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing tree service!
—Nicole S.
So happy I found Fosec Jr Tree Service! They are super busy too during this unprecedented winter/spring rains but squeezed my little job into their schedule. I could tell by the cuts made on the tree that they know what they're doing - for the health of a tree that is being trimmed.

I initially called and left a message. I was added to the schedule and they came at the time they said they would. The team were careful around existing plants and cleaned up after themselves. Other than a leaf here or there, you wouldn't even know that they were there.

You know that feeling you get after a really good haircut...my garden is looking great after removing a tree (in the wrong place) and another with a really good trimming.

I couldn't be happier and have found my new tree trimming service. The best part, a local family owned company is now run by the son, with father still on the team. Love that. Thanks, Erik, Saul and team! Great job.
— Carol H.
These guys did a great job.
- Competitive and reasonable prices
- Punctual
- Clear and concise communication
- Left the ground cleaner than what was originally there. They picked up the Palm tree mess, pomegranates, and apples.

I have only good things to say.